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The Lean Body Cookbook & Meal Planning Guide

Over 40 Delicious, Healthy, & EASY Recipes to help get you lean and a meal planning guide so YOU can get the most out of what you eat!


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What You Will Learn With This E-Cookbook

Besides the over 40 Healthy & Delicious Recipes in this E-cookbook, you will also learn…

  • How water can be your best friend

    Water HELPS you from retaining fluid (bloated or recent altitude changes for example) and consuming it helps your body flush itself naturally.

  • Why eating fat does not necessarily make you fat

    Our bodies need fat and more importantly fat is a great source of fuel for our bodies.  In this E-cookbook, we will share with you great sources of good fat.

  • Why Protein is one of the best assets in our meals

    We need protein to build muscle in our bodies.  Protein also helps build muscle while decreasing fat.  We help you figure out how much you should be having and why.

  • Why Carbs are NOT the enemy

    Don’t fall for all those anti carbohydrate rumors.  Our bodies need carbs but not all carbs are created equal.  The Lean Body Cookbook explains further.

  • Why Alcohol can stop your progress dead in its tracks

    We wish we didn’t have to be the ones to tell you this but Alcohol will not only give you a nasty headache, it will also make you depressed, dehydrated, and slow your metabolism way down.

  • How cheat meals and snacks can IMPROVE your results

    Cheat meals will not only keep you sane but they will also throw your body for a loop.  Just like if you were doing the same exercise everyday, your body would adapt.  Having a cheat meal will keep your body guessing.

We’ve Made It As Easy As Possible

A lot of time and effort was put into creating this e-cookbook. We wanted to make sure that the directions were clear & concise and you could see how the recipes would come out! (see below for more details)

View The Lean Body Cookbook on all of your favorite devices

We wanted to make sure this e-book is super easy for you to view, understand, and implement so we made it so it can be viewed on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

Take A FREE Look At What Is Inside The E-Cookbook

I know that you are probably interested in what some of the recipes entail and how the e-book is laid out, so click the link below and watch the quick video to get a sneak peak of The Lean Body Cookbook!

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We Will Only Sell a Limited Amount of Copies At This Price…

Due to the high demand of this product, we are only going to be selling a limited number of copies before the price goes up.

What The Lean Body Cookbook Can Do For You...

To the right is a before and after photo of me.  The recipes in this cookbook have helped further my success in my fitness journey.  It has helped reinforcing the point that I don't diet, I choose a healthy lifestyle.  (a delicious one, one with cheat meals but one WITHOUT the peaks and valley's of dieting!)

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  • The At Home Holiday Guidebook

    This At Home Holiday Guidebook retails for $19.97 but it is yours free when ordering The Lean Body Cookbook.  This E-cookbook will help you get your workouts in during the upcoming holiday season but you can use it year round!

  • The Get In Shape Guns E-book

    This e-book is one of our most sought after downloads.  It focuses strictly on maximizing the effort you put into your arms so they get lean and mean!

As we have stated above, we are only going to be selling a limited number of copies at this price.  Lot’s of time, energy, and money went into the creation of this e-book and after talking to my peers and mentors, they suggested starting the pricing at $49.97.  We said NO WAY! They then said $39.97 and we said NO WAY!

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